We went over to visit our girlies in training. You see Lady above. She is alert, and one of those golden’s who will love to have some adventure in her life.

6-6-14 lady6

She comes when called… I usually just call her name and she pays attention right away. Good girl, Lady!


She sits when told “Sit”

6-6-14 lady5

“Down” and she is down… though this one can still use some practice. She obeyed several times but when her attention span was lagging, “down” was no longer so interesting unless it was while being petted…

6-6-14 lady10

She’s doing pretty well when being told to “Heel” both on and off the leash.  Her love of adventure makes this one an “extra practice” type training. The benifit of her being very obedient to her name being called is that if she got a little too far in front or was starting to get distracted she would listen and come right back when you called her name.

6-6-14 lady7

Nothing like a good cuddle…to get grass wiped off too…


All tired out after all this practice in obedience…


After Lady, we took Pixie, who was very politely waiting in her crate. No barking was heard from her.


One thing that is very true among dogs as well as humans, there are never two exactly the same personalities. Pixie is a different from Lady not in a bad way, of course.  Both are well mannered puppies.  But each have  different personalities from each other.  Pixie is very focused on the one she wants to please.  She mostly ignored the camera and paid very focused attention to me.


She was excellent on the leash.


She was very good at heeling without the leash as well.


Good girl on “Sit”…


“Down” isn’t easy for any puppy or child for that matter…but she does know it!


Every puppy loves affection! She is getting praised for obeying… Good girl, Pixie!



Pixie also comes when you call her name…


Nothing is better than a good back rub!

We are so proud of our girls.  They have learned a lot in the last three weeks!

Until next time ~ Farewell!