We went to a nearby park yesterday, and here are a few pictures from afternoon we spent there.




We’ve all heard about “the boy and his dog”. Well, in this case it is “the girl and her dog”

Maki seems to sense that my little girl loves him and he is very gentle with her.
She has checked his ears (numerous times) walked, teased, and tried to “train” this sweet 4 year old boy.



He almost seems helpless under her power. (He is very strong, I can promise you that he has let me know about that!)



Another look at his smile.


Here is a side view. He is not only called an English cream but half of his recent lineage are or were registered in England.




Here are our two champions. Maki & Puma. We are hoping for a beautiful litter from this pair sometime next spring.


They both want the treat. (and they both GOT a treat!)


Well, I hope you have a great Thursday everyone!