My blog has sadly been neglected and it is a good thing it is not a picture of my life or our puppies. I realized that I never did sit down and write about our sweet Daisy’s litter of puppies. 

Daisy is a daisy. She is white and soft and so loving and friendly. She loves to have a good rub and she seems to never have a care in the world.  She gave us her first litter of puppies at 3 years old. 

Because Daisy is so carefree and fun loving we had wondered if she would need more coaching as a mother.


But as it turned out, she was an excellent mother. She was very gentle with her puppies. She was careful not to lay on any one of them.


She nursed them all the right amount of time. 

She let them play with her and share her food.


And as they each left, she was truly depressed and need more of our love and attention. 

Daisy has the softest coat of any of our dogs (that we have ever had for that matter). Her coat reminds me of a puppy coat ~ even though she is 3 1/2 at the time of this post. I am looking forward to seeing what her puppies look full grown.  One of her puppies went on for training and he learned so fast. He impressed the trainer! And for his 2 weeks of training he caught on very quickly. 

Meanwhile, for my long neglected blog readers ~ of whom I wonder if there are any left at all… I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

A recent picture of Daisy.