I would like to take a moment to thank each of our puppies owners.  Thank you for taking care of the pups, for training them, for giving them good homes to live in and families to love them. Thank you for making them a part of your lives. Thank you also for sharing your pictures and joys with us from time to time.

Here are a few pictures that have been sent to us over the last month or so:

Remember the puppy looking out of a green basket? Well, here he is!


Look at this cute little guy! I am sure he’s grown some since we saw pictures but I can’t get over his cute-as-a-button face. Thank you, Caryn, and Angel, and your family, for sharing the pictures with us and for taking great care of Haymitch.


Here is one of the pretty girls!  And to Diane and her family: Thank you so much. We know that “Molly” is loved as much as any puppy deserves and that you have given the perfect home for her.


Just look at this handsome fellow!  I love his soulful eyes… I just like to stop and look at this picture every time it catches my eye which has been several times during the writing of this post! Thank you, Adam & Claudine, for taking such good care of him along with Kelsey.

Above are just some of the pictures shared with us, and we hope as time goes by and as the puppies grow up, to be able to share more pictures with you.  We wish to say thank you to each and every one of you who have made one of our pups a part of your lives. We hope each puppy with grow to become a true companion and give each of you many years of joy.