"Why spend the extra money just for a puppy?"

You may be able to train a puppy yourself and do a very good job. I know many people are experienced with dogs and know what it takes to raise a good dog, but there are many people who are getting a dog for the first time or who are getting a dog during a busy time of life. If this person is you, maybe it would be helpful to ask yourself a few questions: Do I have what it takes to train a puppy? Am I able to calmly stay consistent over a period of time until the puppy knows exactly what I want? Do I know how to train a puppy in a way that he will understand what I want?

Many puppy owners take their puppies to obedience class as soon as they can, and this is very important, but I have observed only a certain percentage learn exactly how to train a puppy, even in obedience class, especially if they haven't had dogs while growing up or if they have a certain idea about how this puppy should be when in fact it might be the owner not the puppy that has a problem.  They don't always catch from obedience class how to work with their particular puppy and if they haven't had previous experience in dealing with dogs may not succeed as well as they wish. Those who go a step farther and hire a good private trainer will have success.

A trainer who has experience in training puppies knows how to make the puppy understand them. They know how to work with the breeds' strengths and weaknesses. For instance, golden retrievers are sensitive dogs. They want to please. They do not need very tough training. They DO need a firmness with lots of praise. LOTS OF PRAISE!   Even among a golden not all dogs should be trained the same way. Some Goldens are tender and soft, very focused on pleasing. Some really like to be a bit independent and you find yourself needing to be more firm with them, not hard or harsh. Just firm, still praising and letting them know they are pleasing you.

Do you know that not all dogs have exactly the same problems?

An experienced trainer knows how to work with different personality strengths in each puppy so as to help the puppy reach to his or her highest potential. It is a fact that not all puppies even from the same litter will be able to accomplish the same goals. Not all dogs will be able to be therapy dogs, not all dogs are show dogs. Some puppies will just be pets. They just want to be loved and be a part of your family. They will be most content if they have a simple life, and know what you want and will do their best to do what you want.



We now offer 4 levels of puppy training with private instructor.  This is not some ‘once a week’ training class but the puppy will have a very unique opportunity to become a part of the trainer’s family and receive personalized training while living with them.

We have been offering this opportunity for a number of years and have had great success with many happy customers.  This training is not necessarily cheap but the end results are priceless.

There are very few trainers in the country that will offer to take your puppy to live with them in order to provide one on one training for a period of several weeks.  Those that do offer such a service normally charge thousands of dollars as this level of training is very demanding and time consuming.  We have built up a relationship with our trainer and offer them a regular amount of work therefore keeping the price very reasonable and affordable for our customers.

If you are interested in adopting a trained puppy please fill out our ‘puppy application’.  Our trainer will only work with one puppy at a time so space is limited. Once you have filled out the application, please email me through the contact page to let me know that you filled it out.  Thank you!

"Why buy a trained puppy?" you might ask.  Trained puppies = Happy puppies = Happy families

One of the other benefits of getting a trained puppy is that the trainer as well as the breeder work and discuss together the temperament of the puppy. This way buyers will most likely get closer to what they are looking for in a puppy.  A puppy's personality is only just beginning to show between 6 to 8 weeks, and often will not be so clear until 12-16 weeks old. A trained puppy has been watched by not only the breeder but also the trainer, and both put their notes together and are able to let the new owner know where the strengths and weaknesses of the puppy are: which things to watch out for, and which things to keep doing for this particular puppy.

It is also important to note that not many trained dogs are left in shelters for long periods of time.   There is a waiting list for such dogs. So in either training the puppy yourself, or if you are not fully able, getting the puppy trained for you is probably the single most important insurance for the future of your puppy.  We all know life happens, and sometimes there are unavoidable things that take place and you are not able to keep a dog, but a dog that is well trained, and properly trained will be much easier to re-home people are always willing and actually want such dogs.

Please check out our videos of a few of our trained puppies by clicking here.  

Reviews on our trained puppies:


I hope that you are doing well. Yesterday was Murphy's birthday and he turned 1!! He is so spoiled and got new collars, new toys, and a birthday party where all his other dog friends attended! He is truly an amazing dog and I'm so thankful for him every day. He goes everywhere with me - to work, on errands, out for dinner, etc. I can't imagine life without him. He is such a goofy boy that is as happy as they come. Not to mention... SMART! He brings in the paper for us, knows how to open drawers, push them shut, bow, shake, high five, wave, etc. Attached are some pictures from his birthday yesterday as well as some others that I thought you'd enjoy 🙂
All the best,
Amy & Murphy
She (Riley) is doing so well!!  We just love her:). !!!
Thank you again! ~ Margaret

I hope this e-mail finds you well. Happy Easter from our family to yours. We have been so blessed with Rose. We have bonded so well and we are in love. My husband’s pup, Jack, is in love with her as well. We started training now. Today was our second day of training and tomorrow is our third. Rose is doing very well. I asked her trainer if she thought Rose would qualify as a Therapy dog and she said she would be great. So I cannot wait to begin therapy training with her. We are also going to do agility training just for fun and for weight control.    ~Liz

If you are seriously interested in bringing a puppy home please take a few minutes to fill out the application.  Once you have filled out the application, please email me through the contact page to let me know that you filled it out.  Thank you!