Life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes there is no time to do these extra things like post pictures on social media sites.

However, I thought I would take a few moments tonight before the puppies last feeding to post a few pictures. They are now 4 weeks old and doing well. They have been introduced to food and all the puppies act like its the best stuff ever!  Today was pretty warm so I ventured to take some puppies outside to see what’s there.

Talking about it...

“What do you think of this strange stuff we are standing on?”

nope, don't like it much.

“I want my Mama! Take me home!”

Back indoors to eat their snack after spending less than 5 outside.

The next two pups (Miss Orange and Mr. Black) spent about 3 minutes total.


“Hmmm. I think we should stick close together.”


“When will you take me back in? I am not so sure this stuff is comfortable!”