Stella 1

Stella is cuddly, loving puppy.  She is not very outgoing which is fine by me.


She likes to play like any puppy and really enjoyed the sun and warm grass.

Lexi got her name because her name got the most votes for girls names on my blog when I took the poll.


Lexi is not outgoing for some dogs but for an English golden she has some spunk.  Enough to say that she is probably one of the more outgoing pups in her litter.


She is the lightest of the English Creams in Bonnie’s litter.  She is the whitest English Golden puppy I have ever seen.


No problem getting your exercise in for the afternoon when trying to get pictures of puppies.  But I enjoy it! I hope my helpers did too. 🙂

Duchess is a lovely, more majestic sort of puppy.  She has a wonderfully easygoing attitude.



Probably in between Lexi and Stella for temperament.



She will be mostly white but some honey tinted highlights along her back and in neck and her ears.


I can’t say I have any favorites as I love them all!