Daisy is a fun loving, happy girl who fits her name very well. She is a wonderful mother though, and really gets depressed when her puppies all go home. She is very social and loves life to its fullest.  Her puppies are sweet, happy, home bodies who come with all the great golden characteristics ~ especially the ones that include friendliness!  Nothing pleases Daisy more than a good back rub ~ but she will take a bone too any day!


Daisy is our lover dog. She loves everyone. She loves people and she loves dogs. She doesn't suspect anything bad from anyone. She loves her puppies and loves her friends. Loves our children and just loves life in general. We are happy to have her as a part of our family. 


Daisy comes from great lines health wise as well as champion wise.  She is a healthy dog with very good hips (better than the best of most goldens according to the vet who did her PennHip) She has such a beautiful, thick and VERY soft coat. Her coat reminds me of a puppy's coat and out of all the goldens I have interacted with, her coat is definitely on the scale of "the softest".

Friendly, fun loving, and happy: she's our Daisy!

Below are pictures from Daisy's previous litter