Puma is a wonderful specimen of the Golden Retriever breed in her unfailing kindness to all as well as her loyalty to those she loves. She has a very strong desire to please and to be the best dog in her "pack".   


Puma has had excellent health since coming to us as a young adult.  She has a great digestive system and can eat all sorts of foods without ever having the issues that so many Goldens face. Her skin is good and she has never gotten a hotspot.  Her hair is not as long as some goldens but it is thick and nice.  She has a light golden coloring across her back which turns cream at some stages of her hair growth cycle. However, when mixed with a white stud her puppies will be lighter than she is ~ some will be almost pure white while others will have a slight champagne coloring on their ears or across their backs.  


Puma is an excellent mother. She knows by instinct just what a puppy should or shouldn't have or do. Her puppies go home with self assurance and lots of puppy play and curiosity. 

"Puma: our smart, loving, loyal, majestic Golden retriever"

Below are pictures from Puma's previous litters.