Pixie and I have a special bond.


Any puppy that I have to watch over because they are smaller or if the seem weaker gets a special place in my heart.


Pixie wasn’t weaker, she was a sturdy little pup at birth, one that I admired from day one, holding her for a few minutes each day at first and as days went by I would hold her and her sisters for longer periods and feel those little strong bodies wiggle in my hand.


Pixie and Jemma.



But as the days went by, Pixie didn’t grow as quickly. This was fine, except that I did worry at first.  I supplemented her feedings, checked to be sure she got good places to nurse. And wondered over if she would ever catch up to her siblings.


And yet, she was determined to grow at her own rate.  She still is the smallest of all her siblings.

She is absolutely happy in her place though she let all the others know she wasn’t as little as she looked when the time came.

She has proven to be a good smart girl and is very good at listening.  She has a strong desire to be with a person or with people in general, and to please those she loves.  She will make a wonderful companion for that special person who chooses her.

Let’s see where is that Pixie smile:


Keep smiling, Pixie!