Well, the last 8 weeks have FLOWN by. This litter has been very much fun and we have been able to watch them grow under the care of a very capable though first time mother.


She has watched over them, kept them very clean and overall proven herself a really great mom!


Here the puppies felt grass for the first time! On Thanksgiving day! discussingbusinessb

Spending time with the baby! 


They also got held a lot by our other children. It was just very fun to introduce them to our newest member of the family!

They were introduced to the doggy door, and stairs, have been taken on the leash, and know to keep their sleeping area clean!

Mr McDuff ~ going HOME
Mr McDuff ~ going HOME


Showing their retrieving instincts!

This is the the end of the puppies time with us, but the beginning of hopefully long dog lives for each puppy with their forever families!  Two puppies have gone home and we are waiting for the next two to find their forever families!