Wow, friends, it’s still snowing!  I do love the snow, and I love the fresh air it brings.  I love how I feel after working out in the snow, shoveling or just playing with the children and the dogs.  Winter without snow is hardly worth calling a winter in my book.  Snow is what makes winter worth having!

Here is our ” snow picture of the week”


This is our girl Puma, playing catch.

Meanwhile, prepare and wait for Bonnie to have her puppies. It could be any day now. She is sleeping a lot more and over all looking ready. Having had children myself, I feel for her.  She looks like she is ready.  We have her bedding all ready for her and she is presently there sleeping right now.  I don’t think I will be blogging directly on the day the puppies are born, unless I can catch a minute just to post a picture because there are many more important things to do at that time, and I sleep very little during the first several days.   There will be puppies soon though, so keep tuned!

Enjoy the snow everyone!