We’ve Got Mail — No! Wait, WE’VE GOT PUPPIES!

May 10, 2018By anchorhostAll About Puppies, Birth and Early Life, Blog, English Golden Retriever, General Puppy Fun, Golden Retriever, Puppies Going Home

I am going to give away my age when I say that I remember checking email, and the little pop-up would say “You’ve Got Mail!!”  It was always so exciting to get an email.  I know. Old info.  Only some of you will identify. Some of you have had email all your lives and so … Read More

Puma Facts…

June 5, 2014By English PearlsEnglish Golden Retriever, Puma

One thing about Puma is that she doesn’t like to get her picture taken. I am not sure why. The best pictures are with her NOT looking at the camera.  In fact, she just refuses to look at the camera when you are taking her picture.  If she is off leash she will go away … Read More