Puma Facts…

June 5, 2014By English PearlsEnglish Golden Retriever, Puma

One thing about Puma is that she doesn’t like to get her picture taken. I am not sure why. The best pictures are with her NOT looking at the camera.  In fact, she just refuses to look at the camera when you are taking her picture.  If she is off leash she will go away … Read More

Puppy School!

May 15, 2014By English PearlsEnglish Golden Retriever, Puma, Uncategorized

We are SO excited! While most of you are thinking of getting out of school for summer vacation for Cassia aka Lady and Pixie school has just began.  They have been chosen to go to school.   They will actually spend the next several weeks living with a trainer and getting some serious training.  The … Read More

Still Snowing!

February 15, 2014By English PearlsEnglish Golden Retriever, Puma

Wow, friends, it’s still snowing!  I do love the snow, and I love the fresh air it brings.  I love how I feel after working out in the snow, shoveling or just playing with the children and the dogs.  Winter without snow is hardly worth calling a winter in my book.  Snow is what makes … Read More


February 13, 2014By English PearlsChester, English Golden Retriever, Uncategorized

I know that by now most people are tired of snow and wishing for Spring, however, snow does make some lovely pictures.   Chester loves to play whether snow or not.  And snow doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.     Puma has a very strong desire to please and knows how to … Read More