We’ve Got Mail — No! Wait, WE’VE GOT PUPPIES!

May 10, 2018By anchorhostAll About Puppies, Birth and Early Life, Blog, English Golden Retriever, General Puppy Fun, Golden Retriever, Puppies Going Home

I am going to give away my age when I say that I remember checking email, and the little pop-up would say “You’ve Got Mail!!”  It was always so exciting to get an email.  I know. Old info.  Only some of you will identify. Some of you have had email all your lives and so … Read More

We Are In Love

November 14, 2015By English PearlsBirth and Early Life, Blog, Sadie

    Sadie is a devoted mom! She cares for her puppies like a pro.  One thing I really love is to hear her talk to the puppies. If one strays too far away, and starts crying, she sometimes will talk to the puppy in a crooning way, and I can just hear that she … Read More