I am going to give away my age when I say that I remember checking email, and the little pop-up would say “You’ve Got Mail!!”  It was always so exciting to get an email.  I know. Old info.  Only some of you will identify. Some of you have had email all your lives and so it isn’t so exciting ~ just like answering the phone isn’t something to scream over.

When I am delivering puppies I feel that same excitement:  it’s not just “we’ve got puppies!” but rather WE’VE GOT PUPPIES! It is exciting. It is something long anticipated. It is something long planned for. Each puppy is cuddled. Each puppy is watched over. Each puppy means something. If we have to say good-bye to a puppy ~ we feel their little golden footprints have been left on our hearts.  That being said, this post isn’t about saying goodbye quite yet. This post is about having puppies.

I love to watch each puppy personality unfold.

I love that they are all different.

Each litter.

Each puppy.

They each have a personality unique to themselves. Like snowflakes falling down. Yes, there are some distinctive family traits ~ a dam does influence her pups and I am sure a sire does too. But overall, each puppy is herself. She will go on to be her very own personality. He will remind us of his father but he will not be an exact replica of his father. He will be himself!

The past five weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We have really enjoyed our puppies this spring.  My children love to spend time with the puppies. They love to laugh at puppy antics and to practice training puppies (in simple commands) to help each puppy learn proper canine behavior.  Now, just because the puppies get to be introduced to these commands doesn’t mean that they will all go home trained, but they are introduced to some simple commands.

Tomorrow we will start interacting with our customers and guiding the choosing of each puppy that has a deposit placed on them.  Tomorrow we will get to meet several of the new puppy families. They will meet us.  Tomorrow will be the beginning of saying good-bye.

But for now, WE’VE GOT MAIL oh! no, wait!! WE’VE GOT PUPPIES!