We are a small family breeder that breeds beautiful AKC registered English Golden Retrievers. Our goal is to raise beautiful, healthy, well adjusted puppies that will bring much joy to the homes to which they go.

We, along with our children, spend many hours with our pups, taking special care, and paying attention to detail. We take the raising of puppies very seriously. Each puppy is watched for personality while we play and feed and care for them. We don't like to raise more than 2-3 litters a year so that each litter receives all the personal care a litter should receive. Mom and puppies get a lot of attention and care during this time. The rest of the year we can spend time with our adult dogs so no one goes without attention for long. Each puppy goes home with up-to-date vaccinations and his/her wellness papers from the vet, as well as its limited AKC paperwork.

We also provide training for a certain amount of puppies per litter. Each trained puppy gets lots of attention, up to one month of care from the trainer where the puppy lives and is a part of the family just like he or she will be at your home. The puppies are leash trained, crate trained, house broken, and overall learning proper puppy behavior.

We have two levels of training offered: the first level is just for the beginning of training. Crate training and potty training. The second level is for all the extras, such as leash training, and leave it, and to continue to implement the crate, and toilet training.

If you are seriously interested in one of our puppies, please fill out the application found under either the "Available" or "Trained" pages. Thank you!

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Our  TRAINED puppies are trained extensively over a period of a month, where they live with a trainer  and are a part of their family which includes several children and a Maltese.

To read more on why you should consider a trained puppy click here. 

These puppies are socialized, taken to stores or the park where they will meet with people of all ages and types.  They are house broken, learning that they must go outside to go potty. They learn how to walk properly on the leash. They also learn commands such as "Leave It" "Come" and "Stay".

The puppies are not allowed on the couch and generally are taught that they are not allowed in every room in the house.  Our puppies have the amount of training necessary to become registered Therapy dogs should the new family continue the training and should the puppy show the desire to do this type of work, otherwise each puppy will be a very polite puppy just for a home pet.

These puppies get  HOURS of attention 24/7 for the whole month they are in training.


She slept through the night. And is doing great.  She is very fond of her new duck. Thanks again for everything -- Warm Regards, Royce


 Just wanted to say hello!  Wanted to share what Jemma has been doing this summer! She is such a happy girl and everyone loves her.  She is gentle with everyone and loves kids as well as elders.. We are truly blessed! --Michelle 



Hi!! Hope you are well- Riley continues to be such a joy. We love her to pieces. -- Margaret



This will be our last puppy we get but I wanted to let you know that Autumn is the most wonderful dog and friend. She puts a smile on my face every morning... She is truly loved. Thank you for everything --Julie